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October Birthstones

History and Lore

Numerous traditions and beliefs have been connected over the centuries that a particular gemstone is related to the birth month. The ones born in the month of October, Opal and Tourmaline are the gemstones associated with the time of your birth.


It is called the ‘Queen of gems’. It is Australia’s national gemstone as the nation has the mines offering 95% of the precious white and black Opal around the world. Not only this, it also offers large variety of jewelry made of boulder opal, jelly opal, crystal opal, fire opal and milky opal.

Opal is basically ‘hydrated’ structure containing water and silicon dioxide, and closely related to agates.

Just one word of caution for these gems, opals tend to crack when dry. Hence, they must not be exposed to anything potentially drying. Periodically one could also immerse opals in water for several hours to preserve it fire and colors.

The ‘bad luck’ reputation of Opal is due to its tendency to crack as the stone dries with age. So time to time, one can immerse opal in water for some time to preserve its powers and color.

For ages, opals have been proved as the symbol of innocence and purity. Also known as a wish stone, as it is supposed to enhance love and romance and to bring personal happiness and grant wishes.

It is also considered as a best romantic gift to be given specially on 14th wedding anniversary.

The stone has been used for ages, from easing childbirth to bringing strength in the battle.

The legends from ancient Australia believe that their creator came down to Earth on a rainbow, in order to spread peace and prosperity in humanity. And at the spot where the legend’s feet touched the ground, the stones started sparkling in all the colours of rainbow and became alive. That was how the Opal came into existence.

The healing properties of opal are reputed to be effective for health issues relating to the eyes and eye infections. The Opal was known as the Ophthalmius, or Eye stone, in 14th century, as it was believed to sharpen the eyesight. Until today in India, the passing of an Opal across the brow is considered to strengthen the memory and clear the brain.

Opal is considered to be one of the most mysterious and beautiful gems in the gemstone history reflecting almost all the colors of the rainbow.

Opal is easy to acquire and definitely lovely to wear.


It is the alternative gemstone for people born in October and considered to be gifted on 8th wedding anniversary.

It is found in almost every colour, most commonly used is blue but also available in pink, green and yellow shades.

Egyptian legends called the stone as ‘gemstone of the rainbow’.

It is one of the most fascinating gemstones in the history including the feature of exhibiting unusual tri/bi colors.

As noted, tourmalines are strongly pleochroic means if viewed at different angles it changes the color and the color is deeper when viewed along the prism axis.

California is majorly responsible for mining of tourmalines.

The last empress of China, The Dowager was so much in love with the pink tourmaline that huge tons of tourmalines were traded to china during her reign. Until now, her body rests eternally on a tourmaline pillow.

The most popular varieties of these popular stones include pink rubellite (deep reddish purple stone), blue indicolite (dark bluish black stone) and green verdelite (chromium resulting in beautiful green stone).

Fine species of the gemstone is referred as ‘watermelon’ tourmaline as it exhibits concentric zoning i.e. they are red on the inside and green on the surface.

Tourmaline has an unusual electrical property. When heated, warmed or rubbed, it acquires an electrical charge and attracts small pints of paper, lint and ash. In fact, Benjamin Franklin used the stone for the study of electricity. When the Dutch first observed this magnetic property, they used the gem to collect ash residues form their pipes. Thus, tourmalines were also named as ‘asshentrekkers’ or ash drawers.

Legends believed tourmaline has the power to increase self-confidence, understanding and helps in concentration and communication.

It is also helpful in neutralizing negative energies and helps fighting fears and grief.

Tourmaline is considered a healer for the lymph’s, blood and the nervous system.

It gives powers for the spiritual affairs and brings enlightenment.

It was also helpful in developing creativity, therefore highly used as a tailsman by artists and writers for protecting against all dangers.

Tourmaline is considered to guarantee happiness in a relationship, to balance emotions and inspire creativity in its wearer.

It is said to be the ideal choice for all kinds of modern jewelry due to the incredible variety of colors the affordable price this gemstone is available at. Its unique properties and beauty has made tourmaline universally popular.