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July Birthstone

Ruby - About and History

Nothing expresses love better than a three-stone ruby ring set in precious yellow gold. The brilliant red of ruby is enough to speak about your love and passion while the strength of the gem signifies the commitment and determination you have for her. That is just a friction of what a ruby can express. This highly valuable gem has numerous reasons to choose it for a significant occasion like an engagement or wedding.

Its enticing history, beautiful symbolism and surprising facts together add a lot to the value of this gem. A famous stone amongst royals for ages, ruby is a favorite of many celebs and is greatly loved by people.

Ruby engagement rings are the most popular way to enjoy this gem. When a ring is set with ruby, it becomes very meaningful and inspirational. It shows love, passion, commitment, romance and a lot without the support of words.

Therefore, if you are planning to propose your special someone, looking a beautiful gem to pamper yourself, want a piece of jewelry for a special occasion or for everyday styling, you should go for ruby jewelry. Need to know why? Let’s check out the details to get a better idea.

Ruby History

Since inception, rubies have been praised and treasured for their fiery red hues. In ancient cultures, the redness of ruby was associated with human blood, and it was believed that the gem holds divine powers to purify any kind of blood ailments.

According to early cultures, ruby held the power of life and was the representative of sun. The gem received it name from the Latin word ‘ruber’, meaning red. In Sanskrit, it was called ‘ratanraj’, which means ‘the king of gemstones’.

Ruby was a part of various cultures and civilizations. In Bible, ruby is mentioned for four times associating with attributes like wisdom and beauty. Roman scholar, Pliny the elder described about the hardness and density of rubies in his book of Natural History. Ancient Hindus considered the gem as a source of peace and invincibility.

Other sources of ruby include Vietnam (the celebrated 'Siamese color'), Northern Pakistan in the Hunza Valley, Tadzhikistan, Laos, Nepal, Afghanistan and India (Kashmir, Mysore and Orissa). A new emerging source, East Africa, has lately emerged as an important cradle of fine rubies.

During the Medieval Period, it was one of the most sought-after gems for jewelry. European royalty and clergy were so fond of the gem that they misinterpret any red colored gem with ruby. One of the most famous examples of it was the wine red ruby set in British crown, which in reality is a spinel.

England has a very beautiful and rare collection of rubies. Rubies are used in coronation rings of English emperors, and the gem is a popular choice for engagement rings. The ruby and diamond ring of Fergie, the Duchess of York that was given by Prince Andrew was a lovely example of royal engagement rings.

Ruby Science and Mystery

Ruby is a member of Corundum family, the same that of sapphires. While sapphires come in an array of colors, ruby appears only in red. You can even say that a beautiful red corundum is ruby and rest all shades are sapphire. Aluminum oxide is the major component of corundum. It gets the distinctive red color due to the presence of chromium.

With a hardness of 9 on moh’s scale, ruby along with sapphire is the second hardest gem on earth. It means the stone can be cut into any desired shape to get a unique look.

Naturally, rubies may have inclusions and surface flaws. If the inclusions are visible with naked eyes, they may reduce the value of the gem. Due to this, the stones are often heat treated to enhance the clarity and color. Star rubies have inclusions positioned in a star like manner, which shines with the reflection of light. Natural star rubies are rare and cost a premium. The stone is associated with integrity, generosity, prosperity, devotion, courage, romance and healing.

Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Kenya, Madagascar, Afghanistan, Tanzania, Cambodia and Thailand are the major sources for ruby. However, rubies from Burma are the most sought after for their superior color and clarity. The best quality rubies from this region are called Pigeon’s Blood red ruby.

A birthstone of July and an alternative gift for 15th and 40th anniversaries, ruby makes an excellent choice for engagement ring, eternity bands and classic jewelry.

Ruby Jewelry

Ancient kings used ruby rings as a source to gain endless power.

Rubies were also used as talisman to ward off evil and negative energy.

Ruby rings were gifted and adorned by royal ladies as a symbol of beauty, love and romance. British Crown Jewels have many significant ruby jewels that include tiaras, parures, crowns, insignias, brooches and a lot more.

Even today, the stone is a popular choice for fine jewelry.

Celebrities across the globe enjoy the luxury of ruby set in various styles. No red carpet is perfect without the red of ruby jewelry.

The Edward’s Ruby with 167-carats is a notable stone that was donated to the British Museum of Natural History in London.

With 138.7 carats, Rosser Reeves star ruby is the largest star ruby. It was insured for $150,000 in year 1966.

The above information will definitely add more reasons to your ruby purchase. You will feel more close to your red beauty and would surely love to flaunt it more often.