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August Birthstone

The most fascinating thing about gemstones is their fine array of colors. Each of the gemstones found on the planet is unique and holds its niche of history, legends, lore and trends. Peridot, with its immensely gorgeous green looks is no exception to this. A beautiful gem in multiple shades of green, peridot exudes vitality, freshness and youthfulness. The official birthstone of August, it is also a significant gift for 16th wedding anniversary. From its beauty to symbolism and history, the gem holds many qualities to bewitch anyone. Here are some of the most interesting facts about peridot in support to prove how resplendent and unique this gem is:

It is not a new stone as the history of peridot dates back to 4000 years ago when it was first discovered at a small island of Egypt. Mistaken for emerald due to the color green, the gem was loved by the ravishing cleoptra, the Queen of Egypt. In fact, many of her jewels that were thought to be emeralds were actually the stunning peridots. Not just in the legends of snake rich Zabargard Island, peridots are aforementioned in various other tales including that of the Bible.

The olive green gems were mentioned as Chrysolite is the Bible and were considered a holly rocks by the early Christians. Even to this date, many Catholic Bishops adorned peridot rings to symbolize purity and peace.

These members of Olivine family were also embedded in the breastplate of High Priest Aaron, representing one of the twelve Israeli tribes.

Also found in Hawaii, they were believed as the tears of Pele, Hawaiian goddess of volcano. Peridots are mostly found in volcanic rocks but they never let anybody know the heart-melting process of their formation, as the stones are always bright and lustrous, and show no sign of any volcanic activity.

Derived its name from the Greek word 'peridona', meaning plenty, peridot signifies the richness of Mother Nature. It represents the beauty of summer and symbolizes truth and friendship.

It is also the zodiac stone for Libra.

Due to its ability to shine in dark, the gem scored the title of 'Evening Emeralds' by Romans and Egyptians.

Peridot is a member of Olivine family. It comes only in green - yellowish golden green is its signature color while pale green, olive green and apple green are other desirable hues.

The gem scores between 6.5 to 7 on mohs scale of hardness and has an orthorhombic crystal structure.

This brilliant gem founds in Egypt, china, Myanmar, Brazil, the USA, South Africa and Australia.

The stone has certain mystical powers, and believed to heal various physical and mental ailments.

The stone is said to bring peace, prosperity, love and harmony. The stones have the ability to ward off negativity, jealous and irritation.

The stone is thought to be a powerful cleanser as it can reduce and neutralizes toxins of the body. It was usually worn to reduce stress, guilt and anger, and to open the hearts to new relationships.

This birthstone of August can synchronize the various systems of the body by assisting with tissue regeneration, aiding in digestion, strengthening the blood cells, immune system, treating the ailments of heart, thymus, gallbladder, intestinal tract and lungs, and opening the mind to new levels of awareness.

After knowing the facts, it is clear that peridots have a lot to cherish for. Set in jewelry, they make a radiant and timeless adornment and a perfect gift for the loved ones.