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June Birthstone

If diamond is a girl's best friend, pearl is her first love. For centuries, pearl jewelry has been a symbol of grace, beauty and elegance. These creamy and lustrous wonders of nature have the charisma to decorate any look for any occasion. They are birthstones for lucky people born in June.

Pearls have been considered a remedy for anger and impulsiveness. It is believed that wearing pearl jewelry can reduce the anger and helps in synchronizing the heartbeats.

Pearls are the most popular organic gemstone. They are the nature's wonder created deep within the oceans and seas. Unlike other gemstones, which are inorganic in nature and formed in the earth crusts due to certain chemical reactions in the inorganic environment, pearls are created with a shell of a living organism because of self-defense.

These beautiful and serene gemstones have an equally beautiful story of their formation. For Asians they are the dewdrops from heaven, which straightly fell into the sea and became pearls. Chinese have greatly used them for medicinal aids and Arabs and Persians believed them the cure for insanity.

Organic gemstones are those, which anyways associated with living beings. Pearls are form within the shell of a mollusk. It take years and years to create a perfect pearl but do you know this pearl is actually a waste product for the organism. In fact, an oyster, when irritated by certain foreign particle, starts making a pearl.

The formation triggers as and when any foreign particle such as a sand particle, any micro organism etc. enters inside the oyster's shell lining. The oyster gets irritated from it and starts secreting multiple layers of biological fluids around the particle to cover it up. These layers are actually nacre secreted from the linings of the oyster. The alternative lining of fluids cover the nuclei (foreign particle) resulting in a pearl.

The value of a pearl depends on how lustrous it is and how beautifully it has been finished. As pearls are very delicate, they are never subjected to any harsh treatments to enhance the aesthetic. They could be bleached to change the color and that is the only treatment they receive. However, pearls with no manual interference in their formation or enhancement are always valued more.

As pearl jewelry is one of the most important factors of a wedding, it is important to understand the various terms associated with this ultra-feminine gem.

Natural or genuine pearls:

When pearls are formed in natural ways without any human interference, they are called the natural pearls. Divided in sea pearls and freshwater pearls, natural pearls are always costly because they are rare and difficult to obtain.

Sea pearls or salt water pearls are again more valued as the oysters responsible for making them produce only one pearl at a time, thus giving a unique piece every time. South Sea pearls, Tahitian pearls, Akoya pearls and golden pearls are the famous salt water pearls.

Freshwater oysters can produce multiple pearls at one time, offering chances to find similar pearls. These pearls are more commonly used for jewelry.

Cultured pearls:

When pearls are grown under natural conditions but with full human interference, the result is a cultured pearl. The rising demand of pearls years back had given a way for pearl farms where pearls can be grown on commercial level. These pearl farms have the similar conditions for the oysters as in their natural habitat. The oysters at the farm were subjects to a nuclei implantation so that they could start secreting linings to make a pearl.

Pearl Shapes:

The most popular pearl shapes are round and teardrops. However, you can find them in almost any shape and many times disfigured pearls are also used for jewelry.

Faux pearls:

The popularity of these beautiful and blissful gemstones have given a way to the imitation and faux market to rise. You could find plastic pearls made in factories and a substitute for natural pearl but they are not pearls and have no qualities the royal gem contains. Therefore, it is always advisable to ensure the originality of the gem you are buying. Never hesitate to ask if the pearl in natural, cultured or imitated.