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Sapphires - History and Lore

It is always a pleasure to wear a beautiful sapphire pendant or a ring as a symbol of royal glamor. Sapphires with a rainbow of colors make a beautiful choice for fine and fashion jewelry. These days, it is an essential part of every jewelry collection. However, this is not a surprising thing. The glamor of sapphire has just risen since inception. Moreover, with every passing day, it is only getting brighter. Therefore, if you are looking for some good reasons to get a fine piece of sapphire, we have plenty of them. The history of sapphires has multiple reasons why you should get this precious gem.

Here are few of the many reason to choose sapphire -

The Royal Association

Royalty has cherished sapphire for ages. The royals and clergy in ancient times considered the gem as a source of endless power and wisdom. It was believed to be the ‘stone from heaven’. The remarkable shine of blue sapphire was thought to be the light captured from heaven. Kings and nobles wore sapphire insignia rings as a symbol of power and wisdom.

The gem has been associated with faithfulness, truth, destiny, sincerity and commitment; therefore, it was an auspicious choice for engagement ring. Princess Diana and Princess Anne’s sapphire engagement rings are two finest examples of royal non-diamond proposal pieces.

The beauty of sapphires was so bewitching that it was common to have numerous sapphire jewels in any royal collection. The British Crown Jewels is a live example of sapphire love as the collection boasts some extravagant sapphire jewels.

The Mystical Connection:

Derived is name from Greek word ‘sapphiros’, which means precious blue, sapphires were considered to be one of the most powerful gemstones on the planet. Ancient Persians thought that a giant sapphire holds the earth and the color of it had given the sky its distinctive hues. It was also said that the tablets containing Ten Commandments was composed of sapphire. The tablets were so strong that even if a hammer would swing against them, it would smash into piece but the tablets will remain unharmed.

Sapphire was also one the twelve stones studded in the breastplate of High Priest Aaron. And it is officially the birthstone for September. People also present sapphires as a gift to signify 5th and 45th anniversaries.

The stone is said to have numerous mystical powers. If it works well, it can change the fate of the owner and can get him endless wealth and prosperity. Also, being the second hardest stone it symbolizes the strength and trust of a relationship.

During Middle Ages, the gem was highly used to preserve chastity, discover fraud, protect against poison, fever and skin diseases, and was greatly honored as a powerful source to resist against black magic.

The Famous Sapphires of the World:

The Star of India is the largest star sapphire with a weight of 536 carats.

Logan sapphire with 423 carats is the largest faceted blue sapphire known. Mrs. John A. Logan donated the cushion-cut stone, which is set in a brooch surrounded by 16 carats of diamonds, to Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in 1960.

Princess Diana’s sapphire and diamond engagement ring is another notable sapphire jewelry in history.