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It is quite impossible to imagine life without gemstones. History probably would not have been as glorious if the gems were not a part of it. Gemstone jewelry adorned many a kings and queens in the past and formed an essential part of royal treasures.

Gemstones are beautiful, they are brilliant, they are loved for their vibrant hues and for the rich history of many years that they carry along with them.

Gemstone jewelry is a great way to complement your looks. They add an excellent touch of color to your wardrobe and have a timeless beauty to them that can be treasured for years and never goes out of fashion. There is a wide range of gemstones that are available. Below is a brief description of four gems that are considered the most precious and the most beautiful.

Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds are brilliant, they make any kind of jewelry look elegant and classic. Diamonds have lured men for ages. Uncut diamonds adorned the armors of many great knights and cut diamond jewelry adorned many a royalties in the past. Diamond jewelry is every girl’s dream, something she can always have more of. Depending on your style, you could choose from the various styles of jewelry such as diamond earrings, diamond pendant, diamond ring and diamond bracelet.

Sapphire Jewelry

Bestowed with the most vivid blue hue, sapphires were believed to be the gift from the heavens to the mankind. Besides having magnificent color, and brilliance, these gemstone also offer excellent hardness. Sapphires rank 9 on Moh’s scale of hardness making them a great choice for all kinds of jewelry. Since ancient times, a gift of sapphire was a pledge of love and loyalty. For the same reason sapphire rings are much adored as engagement rings.

Ruby Jewelry

Rubies are the red members of the Corundum family of gems; the same family as sapphires. Rubies are loved for their vivid crimson hue that is symbolic of love, passion and power. For many years these gems were regarded as the most valuable gemstone. Ruby jewelry will compliment you on all occasions.

Emerald Jewelry

Emeralds are bestowed with most beautiful, most radiant green color – emerald green. Emeralds have been a favorite of many kings and queens in the past; especially Queen Cleopatra of Egypt who is still remembered for her passion for these gems. Emerald jewelry goes with all kinds of outfits and beautifully transits from a daily wear to a formal evening wear. You can also pair your emeralds with diamonds and give them a touch of eternity.