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Emerald – May birthstone

Emerald, a green gemstone, is a traditional birthstone of those who are born in May and for people who have their zodiacs as Gemini and Taurus. Emerald received its name from a Greek word "smaragdos" which literally means "green stone", thereby reflecting the green color of an emerald.

It is a member of the beryl family of minerals that also includes aquamarine, the March birthstone. The green colour of the emerald is due to the presence of either chromium or vanadium in beryl stone. The colour of emerald ranges from light green to deep green with

Some interesting facts about emeralds are:

• The largest producer of natural emerald until now is Columbia. Moreover, Colombian emeralds are among the world's most beautiful emeralds found on earth.

• Emeralds are also considered to be a traditional gift for the 55th wedding anniversary.

• On the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, emeralds has been rated with 7.5 – 8 points thereby making them less toughened gemstone as compared to diamonds and sapphire.

• The prices of pure emeralds are very high because it is very difficult to find a flawless emerald that too without any inclusions or cracks.

• As emeralds are fragile in nature, they can be easily chipped off. A special rectangular cut known as “Emerald cut” was developed to reduce its tendency of fragility. This cut also reduces stress on the stone.

• Some of the few famous emeralds in world are :

o Devonshire Emerald – It weighs 1,385.95 carats.
o Patricia Emerald – It weighs 630 carats
o A Russian Emerald weighs 1,965 carats
o Other than this, there are also 5 unnamed large emeralds which weigh between 1,100 carats to 1,796 carats.

Like every other gemstone, emerald too has some significant symbolism linked with it. Along with the astrological characteristics, it also has some healing properties also associated with it. In general, the traditional green colour of emerald symbolises nature and renewal of life. Some functional characteristics of emeralds are as follows:

• Emerald is considered to be a symbol of fidelity.

• It is believed that emerald has the properties of calmness and when worn on body it can sooth one’s body and soul.

• For many people, emerald has been a stone of prophecy.

• It symbolises hope, fertility and rebirth.

• An emerald can be proved as a remedial stone for the health problems related to eyes, fertility, spines, and headaches.

• In many cultures, emerald was regarded to be the symbol of fertilizing rain.

• In Rome, emeralds were thought to be a sacred stone of the goddess Venus which when wore preserve love. It was believed that wearing emerald brings faithfulness in the relationship of lovers.

• The wearer of emerald is also said to be blessed with great reasoning ability and wisdom.

It is said that the powers of Emerald are strongest at the time of spring. It is due to this reason that emeralds are a perfect choice for springtime thereby making them a traditional gemstone for zodiac Gemini along with Taurus.