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Birthstone Jewelry

A Birthstone is a particular gem that is associated with a particular month of the year. Each birthstone is deemed as sacred and is believed to possess special powers. It is believed that if worn by the person born in the same month the birthstone would bestow those powers on to him/her. The tradition of wearing birthstones goes back to at least the first century B.C. However, in ancient times different cultures used to follow different lists of birthstones. Some of them were made on the basis of superstitions, some on planetary movements and some on the basis of zodiac signs. Finally in 1912, as an attempt to standardize, Jewelers of America adopted a list of birthstones that they referred to as modern birthstones.

The belief that a certain special stone is dedicated to each month goes back at least to the first century B.C.. These stones were deemed as sacred and were believed to possess special powers. When worn by the person born in that month, these stones would bequeath their powers unto them. There always has been a debate whether these birthstones should be assigned as per astrological signs or by months.

In many traditions, still it is the astrological sign that determines the birthstone, however in 1912, Jewelers of America officially adopted a list that they called the list of Modern Birthstones. This list is widely used in America and many other locations such as Australia and Thailand.

What is Birthstone Jewelry

The concept of birthstone jewelry mainly emerged from the minds of astrologers who associated certain stones with respective properties and qualities which were believed to correspond to the various signs of the zodiac and in turn proved to be beneficial to the wearer. To put it simply and as we know them now, every month of the calendar year corresponds to a particular gemstone which is also the birthstone for the given month and is said to bring good luck and good fortune if worn by all those who are born in that particular month.

Irrespective of the form they are worn in whether birthstone rings, birthstone earrings, birthstone pendants, birthstone charms or birthstone bracelets, birthstone jewelry is said to bring immense good luck and good fortune to the wearer. Not only that, birthstone jewelry when worn also helps to bring about good health and prosperity besides successfully warding off illness and negativity. Interestingly birthstone jewelry finds mention in the Bible as well and it is believed that Aaronís breastplate was encrusted with twelve different gems.

Birthstones and birthstone jewelry initially were believed to correspond to the various zodiac signs but with time they came to be associated with the different months of the calendar. These days birthstone jewelry holds great popularity and is a rage in the jewelry world with more and more people wanting to buy birthstone jewelry for themselves and for those who are dear to them. It cannot be denied that birthstone jewelry qualifies as wonderful and very significant gifts that are always cherished not just for their beauty but also for the things they signify.

Since we are discussing birthstone jewelry here, it would incomplete to not mention the different birthstones that correspond to the twelve months of the calendar year. The lovely maroon garnet is the birthstone for January, while amethyst stands for February. The charming aquamarine is the birthstone for March and the glittering diamonds are meant for all who are born in April.

The vivid green emerald is the birthstone for May and the pretty pearls are for June while the resplendent red ruby is for all born in July. The alluring peridot is the birthstone for August while it is the sensuous sapphire that is for September while opal is for October. The brightly colored citrine is sure to bring loads of good luck for all born in the month of November while the stunning turquoise is for all who celebrate their birthdays in December.

Why you should wear birthstone Jewelry?

We all know why women love wearing jewelry and the quintessential reason for this being the fact that they love to bask in the glitter and shimmer of jewelry that not only makes them look more beautiful but also gives them an edge over others that most of them find hard to resist. Besides jewelry comes in so many different styles, designs and makes that one canít help but fall prey to their innate charm and appeal. Having spoken of the reasons why we love wearing jewelry let us now move to the more focused subject of birthstone jewelry and why one should wear them.

Most of us already know this but for those few who are still not aware let me start by explaining what birthstone jewelry is. Every month of the year has been assigned with a particular gemstone which in turn becomes the birthstone for all those who celebrate their birthdays in that particular month. It is believed that if one wears birthstone jewelry it brings immense good luck and good fortune to the wearer. In a nutshell birthstone jewelry is said to be lucky for the wearer which is the reason why more and more people these days are opting for birthstone jewelry.

The best part being while on one hand you enjoy sporting some vividly colored and dazzling jewelry you also have the comforting feeling that they are doing you a world of good and inviting lady luck. Whether you opt for birthstone rings, birthstone earrings, birthstone pendants, birthstone charms or birthstone bracelets, irrespective of the way these stones are worn they continue to work their magic on your health, wealth and overall wellbeing.

It is also a great idea to gift birthstone jewelry to people who are close to you and special and for those whom you want a perfect blend of beauty as well as good luck all rolled into one charming piece of birthstone jewelry. These days birthstone engagement rings are also gaining a lot of popularity as they not only look beautiful but also bear a great deal of significance besides the assurance that oneís beloved will be blessed with good luck.

So if you happen to be someone who loves jewelry and you donít have one already, what can be a better idea than to lavish yourself with some lovely birthstone jewelry.

Birthstone Jewelry

Makes a great gift for all occasions. Birthstone jewelry is a beautiful way of wishing good luck and happiness to your loved one. And, most importantly, it is gemstone jewelry that you are gifting so you do not need to worry if it will be liked or not.

Birthstone Rings

Rings are band of purity, sincerity and eternity. Gifting a birthstone ring to your loved one is a wonderful way to express your love and affection. In some cultures rings are believed to be the best way of wearing a birthstone as hands are manís tool for creation and thus are considered divine.

Birthstone Pendants

Birthstone pendants make great gift for your loved ones. Pendants remain safe from any contact of foreign bodies and thus they do not get easily scratched. A birthstone pendant hanging delicately by the neckline of your beloved will always remind her that she is loved and cherished.

Birthstone Earrings

Earrings are undoubtedly one the most favorite accessories of a girl. She loves gemstone earrings for the spark they add to her face. A gift of birthstone earrings is lovely gesture that will always be appreciated.