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“These gems have life in them: their colors speak, say what words fail of.” George Eliot

For those who love all things colorful and bright, gemstones and diamonds are the perfect companions. Certainly not just the beauty but the mystical powers and exceptional structures with a lot more hidden history of gemstones make them so demanding and popular.

The curiosity of mankind to explore far ahead of horizon is a cumulative factor which grows with more knowledge.
You have landed on this page proves that you are also a curious being who loves to dig the well deep enough to quench his thirst of gemstone and diamond knowledge.

As is solely dedicated to the purpose of educating people about the vast and vivid world of glittering gems, you can be rest assured of getting the answers for your questions. And would probably know a lot more surprising facts and figures then you may have imagined.

Jewelry, especially colored stone jewelry, since time immemorial has been associated with mystical and supernatural powers. In ancient times, birthstones, zodiac stones and astrological gems were used to treat various ailments and were well known to ward off negative energies.

Even today, in many parts of the world they are signify human emotions and are said to bestow prosperity, eternity and wisdom.

From fashionable jewelry to spiritual amulets, gemstones like diamonds, emeralds, sapphires etc. are used by mankind for different reasons. If you are a fashion lover, a faith follower, a trend setter or even a curious researcher, this website has a lot to tell you.

Know the history, myths, lore and legends, mysterious and science of your favorite gem because owing a piece of jewelry is good but owing the one you know deeply adds a meaning and value to your possession.

So all the curious gem lovers, welcomes you into the bright and beautiful world of lustrous and illuminated gemstones.